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The founder discovered that plants and beauty were closely related 10 years ago, but for decades, many plant products in cosmetics have many uncertainties, leading to planting soil, climate, management, harvesting, etc., and different factors lead to the final product. Therefore, the active ingredients added to the cosmetics are often conceptually added, or each of the accompanying products has a different degree of difference after the product is officially added, so that the stability of the product cannot be achieved.

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Natural materials have amazing power and amazing results, but because the quality of natural substances on the market is quite different, many companies have been unable to fully grasp the potential of natural substances. Nowadays, the technical research team that relies on the globalization of Norture Lights mastered the ability to screen high-quality natural materials, such as the core process of stem cell extraction technology from the first to the fourth generation, the stability of natural oils, etc., and has injected health into the world and the life of countless families.

At the same time, Norture Lights has developed a breakthrough C to S proprietary standard (cell to seal) to ensure the long-term stability of natural materials. Under the leadership of founder Andrew FLR, Norture Lights has continued to innovate in the field of oils and health and life, the world's breakthrough in the first generation and second generation of stem cell industrial production, greatly reducing the cost of activity, as well as stabilizing the production of natural substances can achieve the same status as chemical reactions.

The headquarter of Norture Lights in Saskatoon SK, Canada, and the cooperative with farms and universities are globally.